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Sit Me Up Cosy Buyers

Dear All buyers,

Sit Me Up Cosy ELC will arrive latest by this Friday 2 Jul'10
Will deliver to all buyers on Monday 05 Jul'10 using E-Parcel

For those with full paid, please confirm your postage address (if any changes require)
For those with deposit paid, kindly remit full payment

After made payment, please email or sms;
Name, rm?, mbb/cimb, ref. no & postage address

Thanks & regards,
Wan @ Comellote.com

For Your reference;
Thanks for all buyers
1. Aneen (blue):  CD 148827527 MY
2. Napisah (blue): CD 148827500 MY
3. Zuraida (blue): CD 148827535 MY
4. Ct Faziyah (blue): COD
5. Azzura (blue): CD 148827589 MY
6. Shikin (blue):  CD 148827513 MY
7. Farah (blue): CD 148827558 MY
8. Intan (blue): CD 148827650 MY
9. Najwa (blue): COD
10.Faizatul (blue): CD 148827473 MY
11.Tini (blue): CD 148827544 MY

1. Azreen (pink): CD 148827632 MY
2. Nor Aizzah (pink): CD 148827561 MY
3. Fatimatul Zahra (pink): CD 148827575 MY
4. Zulaile (pink): CD 148827592 MY
5. Dr.Syadina (pink): CD 148827663 MY
6. Racheal (pink): CD 169235555 MY
7. Sharena (pink); CD 148827646 MY
RM150 (including postage) RM160 (S/S)

Interested to have one?
We are open pre-order for 2nd batch
Deposit RM80 require upon confirmation
Name, address & contact no.
Before 14/07/10- closed

ETA mid-Aug
InsyaAllah will open for pre-order after raya.


Thanks for your continuous support to
Comel Lote Collection

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