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Sit Me Up Cosy

Sit Me Up Cosy by Blossomfarm (ELC)

The Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy is an innovative nest that grows up with your baby.
It starts as a soft play mat with Blossom Farm soft animal toys.
As your baby grows, it converts into a supportive sofa prop to help them sit up.

Features flower-shaped mirror, Buttercup cow with bell sounds, Lavender lamb with rattle sounds and Chester chicken with funny sounds.

Age Range: Birth - 12 months
Weight: 2.6kg

Open for Pre-Order now!
1. Aneen (blue): deposit paid
2. Napisah (blue): deposit paid
3. Zuraida (blue): deposit paid
4. Ct Faziyah (blue): deposit paid
5. Azzura (blue): deposit paid
6. Shikin (blue): full paid
7. Farah (blue): deposit paid
8. Intan (blue): deposit paid
9. Najwa (blue): reserved
10.Faizatul (blue): full paid
11.Tini (blue): full paid

1. Azreen (pink): deposit paid
2. Nor Aizzah (pink): deposit paid
3. Fatimatul Zahra (pink): deposit paid
4. Zulaile (pink): deposit paid
5. Syadina (pink): deposit paid
6. Racheal (pink): deposit paid

RM150 (including postage) RM160 (S/S)
RM80 for booking (closed while stock last)
Price stated strictly for order with booking only!

Sit Me Up Cosy (Blue color)

Sit Me Up Cosy (Pink color)


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